International training standard for nannies International training standard for nannies
International training standard for nannies

Training at Goshen follows an internationally recognized standard and we invite overseas experts to teach our nannies.

Holistic care for nannies Holistic care for nannies
Holistic care for nannies

We pay great attention to our nannies’ physical and mental health as well as their social welfare. Our 1000m² base not only provides facilities for different types of training but a place of relaxation for the nannies as well. We hope this type of environment will enable them to provide a better service for the families they serve.

Family-based service                                                                              Family-based service
Family-based service

Determined by the unique service requirements of each family, Goshen will pair them with nannies who are equipped with different skill sets to suit their needs.

Employer membership alliance Employer membership alliance
Employer membership alliance

Goshen will provide a forum for employers to gather and share concerns.  Regular meetings and social activities will be held.  Members can also attend training courses and seminars on child rearing, education planning, family health, and other similar related topics.

About Us

Goshen is a nanny company providing nanny training, nanny follow up, employer customer service, and other comprehensive services.

Our long training period of up to 3 years produces highly skilled professional nannies with upstanding character. We aim to train nannies to uniquely suit the differing needs of each family. 

Our one-of-a-kind 1000m² training facility offers internationally recognized training for nannies, utilizing the British butler and housekeeper systems, while integrating traditional Chinese culture with the western techniques.


The mission of Goshen is to provide each family with nannies of good characters and competence to improve the life quality of families and their children.

Services and Fees

Maternity matron/Infant care/Child care Maternity matron/Infant care/Child care
Maternity matron/Infant care/Child care

Goshen nannies are highly knowledgeable in caring for new mothers and infants. Amongst other duties, they are also trained in prenatal care, maternity matron care, and infant care. Goshen believes the best way to take care of children is to provide continual care which starts from the pre-birth stage, as a stable caregiver can help children establish and maintain a sense of security.

Elderly care Elderly care
Elderly care

In addition to mastering the basic skills for tending to the elderly (such as uninterrupted sleep, diet, personal hygiene and safety); our nannies are also trained in basic rehabilitation techniques. They can help provide simple rehabilitation training for the elderly who have difficulty with mobility. Goshen also encourages the nannies to maintain communication with the elderly and support their emotional well-being too.

Household domestic help Household domestic help
Household domestic help

Goshen’s nannies are equipped with household cleaning and cooking skills. In addition, the housework assistant can plan dinners, parties and BBQs for the family.


Our Nannies

Li Aiping, 45
Maternity matron / Infant care
Made Ping, 42
Common domestic help
Wu Yurong, 49
Old age care/Domestic help
Tao Huihui, 28
Infant care / Child care
Xu Zhuanzhen, 40
Maternity matron / Infant care
Cui Feifei, 29
Maternity matron / Infant care
Guan Haixia, 40
Old age care/Domestic help
Dong Aiting, 25
Domestic help / Infant care

Benefits of joining our Employers' Club

Employers’ club

Discount on commission Discount on commission
Discount on commission

5% discount on the listed commission rate.

Emergency service Emergency service
Emergency service

Unique to Goshen, members can call upon this service when their nanny is on vacation or they require some emergency special assistance at home.

Employer Alliance Employer Alliance
Employer Alliance

Members enjoy exclusive access to an employers’ forum where they can discuss with and find support from other employers. 

Special courses Special courses
Special courses

Goshen provides customized courses according to the special needs of families, such as, how to prevent or minimize learning difficulties in children, grandparents training, and on the job training for nannies.

To Become our Nanny

Welcome to join us 1
Employee welfare 2
Training course 3


As society has become more affluent and educated, people’s needs have also become more sophisticated. Nannies are an integral part of domestic life. It is therefore understandable that high quality professional domestic help is in high demand. 

Goshen aims to provide each housekeeping assistant with more than just a job, but rather a profession. As a profession, each student will not only be skilled in professional housekeeping service, she should also love her job and take pride in her work. Additionally, each student will also take part in character building activities to advance their whole moral character.  The Goshen family environment will give students a sense of home away from home, especially as they might feel homesick or stressed being away from their loved ones. 

We welcome you to join our nanny team! Let’s make being a nanny our common career goal!


›  when housework assistant is busy with her daily work, and cannot go to the supermarket to buy items, such as articles for daily use. Goshen can provide the necessities at very competitive prices for each employee.

› Shop for employees: employees can use the satisfaction scores they receive each year to purchase some goods at a discount, such as mobile phones, computers, and backpacks.

› Grant for employee: some employees’ families with financial difficulties can apply for monetary aid for their children’s schooling needs.

› Reward for good employee: the best employee of each year can enjoy additional rewards.

› Tourism at home or abroad: After the employee has worked with us for a length of time or if she has made outstanding contributions to the company, she will be rewarded with an all expenses paid vacation whether it be at home or abroad.


› Character training course: a sincere attitude, living with a grateful heart, respect and privacy, the role and position of a nanny in the family.

› Housework session: Skills learnt includes, how to iron clothes, how to clean the kitchen and toilet, cleaning and maintenance of furniture of different materials, how to make the bed, how to clean shoes, how to plan dinners, table manners and etiquette.

› General knowledge of life:  how to interpret clothing labels, how to select ingredients and/or buy food, emergency and first aid, health and safety, such as the harm that MSG and/or salt can be for our body.

Professional course:

  • Baby and infant care: how to prevent, minimize, or to help children with learning difficulties, sensory training, through the developmental stages of the child.
  • Elderly care: understanding alzheimer’s disease, how to care for those with dementia and stroke, basic rehabilitation training, how to communicate with the elderly, such as, how to care for the psychological well being of the elderly.

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